10 Ways To Go Green In The Office

go green in the office

The environment is becoming a major concern for our future. Being more Eco-friendly is what many are trying to aim for to help our deteriorating environment . Many individuals limit their “go green” efforts to their homes or personal lives, but there are a number of ways you can incorporate some environmental friendly practices at the office as well.

How to Go Green In The Office:

1.) Switch to recycled paper and try to cut back on your paper use in general. Instead of printing hard copies of everything, go green by sending documents through emails. Or use a sharing drive for staff to access group projects and information. Set printer settings to print on both sides of the paper to also cut back on paper waste.


2.) Be more aware of energy wasters, like leaving computers on. Turn off electronics when they are not in use and be sure to unplug before you leave for the day.


3.) Easily go green by placing a plant on your desk. Plants can help filter a number of particles from the air, and keeping one at your desk can make a healthier workplace for you. There are a number of small and low maintenance plants you can leave on your desk to clean the air and lift your mood.


4.) Bringing your own lunch to work is not just a great way for you to go green, but it can also benefit you in a number of other ways as well. Packing your lunch cuts back on wasted packing products you would buy from already prepared lunches. And packing your lunch can save you up to a hundred or more dollars a month then buying your lunch everyday! Saving money and eating healthier are just two perks to packing your lunch everyday.


5.) Setting up a recycling system is the best way for your office to go green. Simply place recycling bins that are easily accessible to all employees to separate paper, glass and plastic.


6.) Bring your own ‘go green’ mug or cup for office coffee and water. Instead of supplying disposable coffee cups, or those small paper cups for the water cooler, encourage employees to bring their own mug and water cup to use throughout the day. Reducing the use of throw away cups not only limits the unnecessary waste, but also will help the environment.


7.) Go green on your way to work by biking. Bicycles do not only cut back on the amount of emissions that most cars pollute the air with, but biking is an incredibly healthy lifestyle change to make as well.


8.) Upgrade to energy saving products, which is not only more environmentally friendly, but can also save you hundreds in utility bills every year.


9.) Take the stairs instead of the elevator is a simple way to go green by cutting back the extra energy used to operate the elevators. You might also cut down some pounds if you do it often enough. 


10.) Use more environmentally safe products for cleaning. Most cleaning products available are not only harmful to the environment, but many of the chemicals can be harmful to your health. Ensure your cleaning services are on board with your go green atmosphere and are only using Eco friendly products as well.

Go Green!! Start an office trend and help the environment at the same time

Going green in the office can be done in a number of ways. Making simple, small changes and being more aware of the products and energy used can add up to huge differences at the end of the day. If you want to have a more positive impact on the environment, then use any number of these go green suggestions for your office.

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