Researching a Company- What you need to know

researching a companyHow to begin researching a company you want to work for

You think you may have found your dream job! Unfortunately, its at some company you and everyone else have never heard of before. Before you dive into to rewriting your resume and cover letter, you may want to make sure this dream job is at a company you will actually want to work. Researching a company is very important to find out if this is really the company of your dreams.

Where To Find Information When Researching A Company


A company’s website will be your initial go to place for information. However, many companies may not have websites that are very informative for you. If getting information off their website isn’t an option here are a few more to choose from.

Customer Reviews-

Customer reviews are a great tool in researching a company. These reviews can reveal just how they treat the people they are working for. Bad customers reviews will most likely translate to a company you do not really want to work for.

Look For News Or Press Releases-

Check out Newslink. You can do a quick search of the company you are interested in to see if there are any news articles or press release that mention them. Newslink is a great place for researching a company that has made any headlines or national news.

Research Company Databases-

There are some searchable sites that are designed specifically to find information on companies. Business Week online: Company Research and Hoover’s online are just two places you can start researching a company you want to learn more about.

Why am I researching a company?

Before you begin searching endlessly in front of your computer or through your phone, ask yourself why you are researching a company so you know what answers you are looking for and make sure you find information that answers them. Some things you may want to find out first are:

  • Where is the company located?
  •  How would your living or commuting arrangements be address?
  •  What skills are needed?
  •  What products or services do they supply/provide?
  •  Potential career advancements?
  •  Benefits?

Knowing what information you want to find out will greatly help you in researching a company in a more efficient way. This can be a quick process to help you decide if it is the right place for you to be working. We hope you find this article informative in helping you with researching a company and wish you all the luck with your job hunt!

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