Non- Food Items You Should Bring To Your Thanksgiving Dinner

what to bring to thanksgiving dinner

Thanksgiving dinner is typically a well planned out and carefully prepared meal that some take weeks to plan. When you accept an invitation to attend Thanksgiving dinner you may be eager to bring along a pie or side dish- thinking you will be relieving some of the cooking duties from the hostess. Although it can be thoughtful, in most cases it ends up being another dish the host has to make room for and serve. This can be a bit of an inconvenience when they have taken so much time planning and perfecting the meal they are going to serve. Instead of bringing along another food item, here are some alternate suggestions of what you can take along with you to your Thanksgiving dinner party.

What To Bring To Thanksgiving Dinner Besides Food:

Board Games-

Board games are an underrated activity when it comes to any type of gathering. This is not only a great way for the adults to mingle with one another, but if there are kids at your Thanksgiving dinner event, than this is a great way to keep them occupied as well. Bring a variety of games for the kids and adults that will add to the entertainment and can relieve a lot of stress off the hostess.


Though it is not very likely that everyone will sit down quietly to watch the entirety of the movies you bring, it can be a great way to get more into the holiday spirit. This is another one that can be used for the kids and adults alike attending Thanksgiving dinner. Even if no one really sits and watches, movies are an easy way to keep guests entertained throughout the day.


No gathering is complete without a good playlist. Create a Thanksgiving dinner playlist and have it ready when some one else begins to complain about the poor ,or lack of, music selection being offered up.

Hostess ‘Thank You’ Gift-

Bringing along a simple ‘Thank You’ gift is always a thoughtful idea. It does not have to be anything extravagant- a simple small box of chocolates or small decoration is enough.  Anything personal for the hostess to let them know you appreciate the invitation for Thanksgiving dinner at their home is acceptable.


For many individuals, playing a game of tag or flag football is a simple tradition before or after everyone sits down for Thanksgiving dinner. Bringing a football with you, even if you do not join in on the game, can be appreciated among many of the other guests attending the dinner party.

To- Go Containers-

Chances are there is going to be a lot of leftovers from Thanksgiving dinner and your hostess will most likely be subtly begging people to take some home with them. Supplying some to-go containers for your hostess can be a huge help in how much food they won’t have to make room for in the refrigerator.

Show your thanksgiving dinner hostess some appreciation

Bringing a non-food item to your Thanksgiving dinner party can end up being more of a help to the hostess than bringing along another dish they have to serve. Bring along some ways to keep the kids and adults entertained as everyone waits for the meal to cook. Or, let the hostess know you appreciate all their efforts with a simple Thank You gift just for them.

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